SMB is your partner for repair and preventive maintenance of electrical machines. Whether synchronous, asynchronous, squirrel-cage or slip-ring rotors, we repair three-phase motors and alternators of all manufacturers from 160 kW/kVA and up to a maximum weight of 20 tons (status as of 2015). We perform minor repairs, such as bearing replacement also on-site.

We are able to offer the complete range of repair:

  • restoring laminated cores
  • restoring of stator and rotor windings
  • impregnation
  • mechanical overhauling of components and assemblies
  • manufacturing and processing of replacement components

After a comprehensive reporting you will get a recommendation on the measures to be implemented. Afterwards our qualified electrical machinery mechanics, who gained their experiences in the production of new machines, repair the broken machine. There are no supplements!

For most of the jobs we are mainly relying on the competence of AEM. With its large and diversified machine park, it can offer the most important production services from a single source. This reduces the communication effort, guarantees the highest quality and allows short repair times.

If the breakdown of the machine is related to design or dimensioning, we are able to implement design and electrical modifications with our design and calculation know-how.

We deliberately avoid the pyrolysis in the repair process, because we could prove in our test field, that this increases the iron loss of the repaired machine between 10 and 15 %. So it does not reach the power of a new machine. With our repair variation, the machine has even higher efficiency after repair.

Our USP is the rotating test of the repaired machine. In a test run we carry out the same extensive test program as it is carried out with new machines.

The test program includes:

  • high voltage test
  • heat run test
  • efficiency test
  • noise measurement etc.

After repair, your machine is ready for another life cycle.

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