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SMB is your partner for the remanufacturing and reprocessing of three-phase motors and alternators. We refurbish three-phase machines of all manufacturers according to a standardised process and make them fit for another life cycle.

Benefits for the customer:

  • remanufactured three-phase motors or generators achieve the same power and reliability as the corresponding new machine
  • however the costs of a remanufactured machine are only a fraction of new machine

Environmental benefits:

  • through remanufacturing, an increased contribution to the environment can be made - more than by recycling a machine
  • compared with the production of a new product the reprocessing needs 50 to 90 percent less raw material
  • furthermore waste is avoided, energy consumption and consequently emissions of greenhouse gases are reduced


  • by reprocessing the motors and generators can be restored to new condition and they achieve the same power rates, reliability and durability as the corresponding new machine
  • we have the same standards of quality and manufacturing precision as in the production of new machines
  • all machines undergo the same demanding processes, measurements and tests as in the preparation of a new machine
  • this is possible because of the extensive knowledge and experience of our employees
  • our electrical machinery mechanics gained their experience in the production of new machines


Reprocessing is based on the same standardised process:

  1. disassembly and careful cleaning of components
  2. checking the components for reusability
  3. usable parts are made operational again through advanced processing methods
  4. unusable parts are replaced with new components
  5. afterwards the machine is reassembled and during the whole process its quality tested
  6. after a successful final assembly the machine is tested in a test run as new machines

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