Modernisation (retrofit) and modification

Even if the three-phase machine is already 130 years old, there are continuous improvements in this area, particularly in the areas of bearing, insulation, control technology, materials technology or in the field of energy efficiency.

Other applications often require a rebuilding of machines or retrofitting of components.

SMB is your partner for the modernisation (retrofit) and modification of three-phase motors and alternators. We reconstruct your machine or bring it up to the latest technology and make it fit for another life cycle or another application.

Depending on the case of need and technical possibilities we offer, as part of the modernisation and modification, among others the following services:

  • changing the design and mounting dimensions, rotational direction, flange or cooling type
  • remanufacturing of shafts and windings
  • retrofitting of brakes, incremental encoders for speed measurement, leakage sensors, anti-condensation heating, temperature sensors etc.
  • changing the electrical design (energy-efficient design)

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