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SMB - Servicegesellschaft für Maschinenbau mbH is a small family business with almost 20 years of experience in electrical engineering. With approximately 20 employees, it offers everything related to maintenance, inspection, repair and improvement of rotating electrical machines as well as preventive maintenance, inspection and quick repair of machinery and technical equipment.

SMB repairs three-phase motors and generators of all manufacturers. Depending on requirements, we also refurbish, modernise or modify them. We repair and maintain preventively - synchronous or asynchronous machines, squirrel-cage or slip-ring from 160 kW/kVA up to 20 t.

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Tel.:+49 340 203-201
Fax:+49 340 203-311
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Brief Company Profile

Repair, remanufacturing, modernisation of three-phase motors and generators
Maintenance of machinery and technical equipment

Foundation: 1997

Employees: approx. 20